Saturday, 18 February 2017

A four legged fiend

It was obvious there was a thief in the village. Surely not. Few people lock their doors and crime is incredibly rare, although we did have a murder once. But yes, it was true. We had lost duck eggs however neighbours had lost chickens and one villager had had four prize fighting cockerels stolen. It wasn't exactly the stuff of Midsomer Murders but it was annoying and retribution had to come. One morning we were awoken at 6am by what sounded like gunshots. There are plenty of hunters in the area so no need to worry and we went back to sleep. Later that morning the story came together. Two shots were all that was needed to nail the village thief....a weasel (sansar), who was caught if not red handed....then red toothed, with one of our duck eggs in its mouth!

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