Saturday, 23 May 2015


Everybody needs good neighbours, so the TV theme tune goes. Luckily in Kaplan we have plenty. Hardly a day goes by without one neighbour or another arrives at our front door wıth a hediye (present), usually food.

When our Turkish is not good enough sign language (or a quick flip through the dictionary) does the trick. Turkish people don't ever seem put out. When we had to cancel a barbecue at short notice because Carolyn was not well it was 'oh, don't is not important'. İt went ahead the next evening. The guests arrived, saw İ was busy serving drinks, so took over the cooking duties. No fuss.

When we wanted some stone to rebuild the perimeter walls, a neighbour was happy to provide plenty from a nearby building he was renovating and another neighbour identifıed a building sıte in the village where the workmen supplied us with three tractor loads. All free of course. İn the UK we would have paid several thousands of pounds for the haul.

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